Rotary District 7090 Youth Exchange

What is Youth Exchange?

Rotary Youth Exchange is an international exchange program open to 15 - 18 year olds who wish to spend up to a year living with host families abroad and attending school in a different country.

District 7090, which covers from Southern Ontario to Western New York State,  exchanges with 20 countries around the world, in all continents except for Africa.

Through our exchange program, you will have the opportunity to learn a new way of living, a great deal about yourself and maybe even a new language. You will also be an ambassador teaching people you meet about your country, culture and ideas.

Experience our world in a way that you never thought possible, living in and learning about a different culture first hand changes one's viewpoint on the world we live in and encourages young minds to think globally.

Develop a better understanding of your worldwide neighbourhood.  Young people who have a desire to make our world a better place will be presented with opportunities in any one of 20 different countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Gain a network of friends that is truly worldwide. The international organization of Rotary brings together students from all corners of our world in the spirit of friendship and understanding.

It is EDUCATIONAL.  This is your chance to learn and enjoy The Alps, The Great Barrier Reef, the sands of Rio or the beauty of Budapest.  You will see sights that many people will only see in books or on television and they will be part of your world as you become a world traveler.

Last year, over 30 young people participated in exchanges in our district and 30 from our district spent a year in a foreign country. It’s a life-changing experience.

Are you ready for it?

YEAH! Registration

In order to facilitate compliance with immigration law, we have started using the Youth Exchange Administration Hub. This is an online web-based database that will eventually contain all the information necessary to satisfy immigration officials that our program is run well, safe and meets their standards. 

All volunteers that are involved with the program need to sign up and you can start your sign up here:

This includes host families, YEO's, counselors and anyone that volunteers in any other way for Youth Exchange in D7090. Thank you for your cooperation in meeting this requirement.