If you watched the Sydney Olympics you probably saw everything you need to know about Australia. It is big but most of the land in the center is dry and hot. The majority of the population lives along the east coast line in cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Like Americans and Canadians, Australians love their sports, notably cricket, football (soccer), rugby and swimming to name a few that they play.
Our exchange is with the state of Victoria which contains the city of Melbourne.

Rotary District: 9670, 9550
Region of Country: Newcastle and inland NSW (9670) and Townsville or Cairns or inland (Queensland)
Language(s) Spoken: English
Language Camp Offered: No
Ave. Cost of Airfare: US $2,291.00 (including taxes)
Insurance Cost:

US $900 for the two policies required
Must buy Australia's Rotary Insurance and government policy

Visa Process A completed guarantee form will be enough to secure a visa for both US and Canadian
students.  No Visa fee.


Other Misc. Expenses (Trips, etc.)  Excellent optional trips available in both District 9670 and District 9550 - prices currently not available.

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