Denmark is a small country located at the top of all of Europe with a population of 5.5 million. Denmark is proud of its monarchy - the oldest in the world and is also well known for Hans Christian Anderson - the creator of many tales and well known quotes.

In Denmark, you are never more than 25 kilometers away from the ocean at any time. If you love to eat, Denmark has wonderful pastries and layered cakes. Because of its proximity to the sea, seafood is very popular; the Danes love their pickled herring and Rodbrod (a tasty Rye bread). It is a country with a rich history, strong family traditions and very tall people.

Rotary District: 1640, 1480
Region of Country: Kerteminde & Stege
Language(s) Spoken: Danish
Language Camp Offered: Yes, US $330, C $400
(Cost is 1,800 Danish Krones, prices are based on estimated exchange rates.)
Ave. Cost of Airfare: $1,796.00  US
Insurance Cost: US $425, C $365
Visa Process Passport must be valid past January 2014. Visa costs approximately US$50.00


Other Misc. Expenses (Trips, etc.) Optional Euro Trip

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