Finland is the seventh largest western European country nestled between Sweden, Norway and Russia. Its borders stretch from the capital, Helsinki, to the south up to Lapland above the Arctic Circle.

Warmed by the Gulf Stream, this Scandinavian country enjoys a climate similar to that of New England and the the Great Lakes Regions. In the summertime, the lush countryside basks in sunshine 15 hours a day.
Finland is a cosmopolitan Scandinavian country - a modern, gregarious society living in beautiful natural surroundings. A study commissioned from Yale & Columbia Universities reveated Finland ranked FIRST among 142 countries for its environmental health.

Rotary District: 1410
Region of Country: Nationwide
Language(s) Spoken: Finnish
Language Camp Offered: Yes, US $470, C $500
295 Euro plus Language Test 50 Euro
Ave. Cost of Airfare: US $2,245.20
Insurance Cost: 610 euros (must purchase Finland insurance plan)
Visa Process Passport must be valid past January 2014. (Visa costs approximately US$190.00
Other Misc. Expenses (Trips, etc.) RESIDENCE PERMIT: 430 Euro
EMERGENCY FUND (to be held in trust with Club Treasurer): 500 Euro

OPTIONAL TRIPS: Lapland - (provided by Rotary), St. Petersburg, Russia - 200 Euros,
European Tour - 1,600 Euros (spending money needed for all trips)