Students enjoying an exchange in France will be immersed in the French culture including food, language, customs and education. Our district exchanges with between 3 to 5 different districts in France each year. Those districts are in the Northern, Southwest, South Central, Normandy Coast and Southeast Coast.
These regions vary greatly, from the historic Normandy area with its connection with World War II to the agricultural regions in the South Central section of the country.

Regardless of the area in France a student goes, that student will be immersed in the French culture and language.

It should be noted that Paris is not included within any of the districts we exchange with although students often have the opportunity to travel to Paris with host families or on Rotary-sponsored trips.

Rotary District: 1520, 1780, 1740, 1690, 1650
Region of Country: Northern (1520), Southwest (1780), South Central (1740), Southeast
Coast (1690), Normandy (1650)
Language(s) Spoken: French
Language Camp Offered: Yes
Ave. Cost of Airfare: US $1,899.30 to Paris (including taxes)
US $2,121.70 to Lyon (including taxes)
Insurance Cost: Is purchased from France prior to departure.  It is required for visa processing and information will be provided on the application process
Visa Process A completed guarantee form should meet all requirements with minimal additional cost.
Other Misc. Expenses (Trips, etc.) Year end trip +1,000 euros approx