The Netherlands (Holland)

Holland is quite a famous Euroean country for its size and fairly small population (15,716,600). Think of dykes, windmills and clogs and immediately you think Holland.
Formed mainly from silt out of the Waal, Maas, Rhine, Ijssel and Schelde Rivers, Holland officially known as Kingdom of the Netherlands is a flat, open land of which approximately 40% is below the sea level.

Rotary District: 1590 (presently but this varies year to year)
Region of Country: Nationwide
Language(s) Spoken: Dutch
Language Camp Offered: Yes - 215 Euros
Ave. Cost of Airfare: US $2,030.00 (includes taxes)
Insurance Cost:

450 Euros
Must Purchase The Netherlands Insurance Plan

Visa Process

Passport must be valid past January 2014.

  • Visa not required 
  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE: student must have the full, long paper version of their birth certificate.   This certificate then must be legislated by an "aposilum" with the Dutch Embassy in Canada or USA.  The apostilated birth certificate must be carried with student passport for entry into The Netherlands  
  • RESIDANCE PERMIT: A Letter of School Acceptance from The Netherlands will  be required  to obtain permit.  Host Club or family will assist you in obtaining this permit
    Cost:  438 Euro


Other Misc. Expenses (Trips, etc.) Optional European Trip - 1,100 Euros approx.  Club will .