Lila Rollo reports on her exchange to Hungary

I moved to my second host family at the end of February and I love them so much. It's actually easier for me to live here because I am closer to the city and my new host parents are relaxed.

Well, the last week of February and first week of March, my rotary club took the two other exchangers and I in Szeged to Austria to ski. It was completely free for us which was amazing. The only downside was that I was used as the translator for the entire time for everyone - we were in a really small town in Tirol and no one there spoke English or Hungarian. Translating German to Hungarian all day long was quite possibly the hardest thing ever.  It also turns out I am terrified to ski! I learned that going down the bunny hill so we let someone else use my skis and I hung around town with the Rotary members wives and had lots of fun with them instead. I also met some Austrian teens there so even though I couldn’t ski, I still had a good time.

Easter is actually like at home - we have to go to Church and sit for an extremely long time, we have to find our Easter chocolates outside and we just eat all day long. On Easter they don't eat lamb here but Ham and Horseradish. (It's now one of my new favorite food combinations) There is a special Hungarian tradition on Easter Monday. Normally, the girls all try to get out of town or stay home and don’t answer the door because the boys come and sprinkle them with perfume and water. In return, the girls have to give them chocolate or money. Luckily, I was in Lake Balaton with my family, touring all the old cities around there and so I didn’t get sprinkled.

On Wednesday back at school though, a lot of guys from my class asked where I was on Monday and decided that since I wasn’t at home and I need to experience this tradition - they just got me in school! I had wet clothes for most of the day.

School is, well, school. I don’t take chemistry or biology here anymore because it was too hard so I go to extra German classes instead. I do go to all the other classes though and sometimes participate if I understand what's going on. I also go to university for 8 hours a week for Hungarian classes. On our midterm for the language, I received a perfect score and my teacher signed me up for the intermediate exam for Hungarian in May, so I need to start to study a lot.

Hungarian is getting easier and I have become closer with more of my classmates because of it. We all hung out last night, which was really fun for me.

Now, I take hip-hop with my friend Anett twice a week for 2 hours, so my Hungarian weight is going down. I also have Chinese class and first aid class. I have another class for Hungarian too because my pronunciation is awful. Once a week I tutor German and also English.

I haven't made my presentation to my club yet. I will make that next month sometime I think. 

Oh, I have my European Tour (Hungary has 2) from May1-13. The tour I chose goes to Slovenia, Rome, Florence, Switzerland, Austria, Marseilles and Niece. I am really excited for it. Then when I get back, my Rotary club is taking us to Serbia for a weekend. One of the club members is actually a really important man in the Balkans and was a commander of NATO forces during the Serbian war, so he pulls a lot of weight around here. He is actually the reason we are going to Serbia and we may even get a tour of the Hungarian embassy in Serbia and how it works. 

 I come home on 27 June.  But now I really don’t want to go home.