Sweden's 9 million people inhabit the third largest country in western Europe. It is characterized by its long coastlines, large forests and numerous lakes. They are a people known for their devotion to outdoor activities. Sweden's exceptional natural scenery and enormous tracts of untouched wilderness are a major attraction to the inhabitants of more densely populated parts of the World.

Sweden is one of the countries on earth located furthest from the Equator extending from north to south roughly the same latitude as Alaska.
Sweden is an old country with a strong constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy and a tradition of neutrality.
Famous Swedish recognizable names are Abba, Alfred Nobel and of course, IKEA!

Rotary District: 2330
Region of Country: Hudiksvall
Language(s) Spoken: Swedish
Language Camp Offered: Yes
Camp runs from roughly August 1 - 15, 2011
Ave. Cost of Airfare: US $2,243.40(including taxes)
Insurance Cost:

US $425, C $365 (must purchase for full year of 365 days)
Students are to leave North America with Rotary approved insurance for their entire stay


Students will receive a SEK 600 allowance per month.

Visa Process Passport must be valid past January 2014.    Visa cost approx. C$120.00
Other Misc. Expenses (Trips, etc.) Optional Trips: April - Ski camp; Euro Tour - June/July; Mountain Hike  - July